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14 Nov 2009

I don't know, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I need this in my closet right now!
Simply amazing.

Alexander Wang Nautical Frill Pullover and Jacket with Leather Sleeves


Coco said...

I looooooove the knit jumper. I wonder if I'll be able to source a similar fabric to make one?

Francheska said...

thank you for your comment!!! Your blog is really awesome! i will add a link back for sure

and that first sweater is amazing... have no words for the jacket cus its really too perfect x

Frankie said...

Wow why is alexander wang so amazing?? I am obsessed with him! Great blog, let me know if you want to link exchange! xx


Jord. said...

Haha i don't think you are exagrrating, they are both stunning choices.

I love both styles, i would love something similar but in a more masculine style (since i'm a man).


ILANA said...

i adore ur style

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